Netvibes is a dream – the voice from a Chinese blogger

This is a post in English, please do not remove the link: It’s about the craziest web2.0 application, and the best start page, Netvibes.

I have been a user of netvibes for almost a year, and netvibes has been my homepage for half a year. Sometimes I think my web life is just Firefox+Netvibes.

I knew this great product from a friend of mine – Thor from When I held the Wuhan Blogger Party (one more post about it) on May,1st,2006, he just showed me this cute stuff on my laptop that day. He told me that he spent lots of hours on this every morning reading news and blogger’s posts.

Actually I did not pay much attention to that first. However, when I came to it myself, it attracted me soon. The user interface and user experience is both great. The netvibes really makes the already-commonly-used “drag-drop” experience more convenient. And the “tab-titles-content” navigation holds the information more harmony and order. Unlike the traditional web1.0 based reading methods, with Netvibes, I can access what I want without a lot unuseful information. Also it saves a lot of clicks and time. Though there are lots of other online aggregator service, I think Netvibes is the best.

The ecosystem of Netvibes is providing an overall informtion of all the magic stuff you may wanna get. It’s categorized into Modules, Feeds, Podcats, Events, Tabs and Universes. And with the ecosystem, you can find much third-party supporting resources. For example, I found a very useful Firefox extension to add the feeds from your current opened website in Firefox to Netvibes.Furthermore, Netvibes is providng a very fantastic API called “UWA” (Universal Widget API) to all the web developers like me. So I can easily publish anything I wanna share with the Netvibes’ users, and it’s even provding the support of adding the widgets to Google custom page. I test one Netvibes’ widget too, and I am sure I will enhance it later and release an English version.

Though Netvibes’ still has no server in China, and thus the poor-network-situation sometimes troubles me, I still enjoy Netvibes, anyway it has saved a lot of time for me. and hope its next-step developing in China could be smoothly.

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