got SEPY

不过data过不去了,又得自己改Color Strategy了。逐渐的在为AS3考虑了,必须开始学习AS3了……
强烈建议Sepy能整合一些EmEditor相关的功能和用户体验。例如简易的,Macro,包括EmEditor的Macro2JS/VBS(Open API)都是非常贴心的功能。


SE|PY ActionScript Editor CHANGE-LOG
  workspace panel: When defining a new classpath the project will be automatically saved for using the just added classpath even with mtasc

    Testing the ANTLR as3 parser.
    You can enable the as3 parser in the workspace projects (click on project property and enable as3 parsing)
    In this way you can inspect as3 files within the workspace area.
    remeber this is just a first preview of the parser

  Fix in:
    Help panel
    Added sticky note panel for manage user notes
    Memory leak in mtasc preview
  Little improvement in the gotoline dialog
  Fixed recon of modified files
  Fixes in float panel, sharedobjectreader
  Fixed xml AutoFormat code
  Fixed some cosmetic issues on Mac OSX
  Fixed __calltips error in the editor
Added Guid Generator (Insert menu)
Added support for XUL Documents
Fixed import/export settings
Fixes in:
project panel
workspace panel
xml panel
xml document
  Some fixes in the project panel and workspace panel after the migration to 4suite

  Upgrade to python2.5
  Upgrade to wxPython
  Upgrade to pysqlite3
  Changes in notebook, now using Andrea Gavana's FlatNotebook

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