Little Tip – 为Google吹毛求疵

"Using the English-version products of Google is much better than Chinese-version"

Though we are not taken English as our mother-tongue, and even we make a lot of mistakes when communication with it, some of the Google products in Chinese from Google still drives my go-insane~

I enjoy the Google Analytics very much, and have started my analytics as far from the November of last year(2005) together with my Google Adsense account. And more, Gmail is also a very amazing product! But there are too much misunderstandings in their Chinese version.

In the statistics of Google Analytics-Content Optimization, there are two concept Unique Views and Page Views. Google tells us this:[quote=hint of Google Analytics][/quote]Unique Views displays the number of visits during which this page (determined by the combination of URI and title) was viewed. Pageviews is the number of times the page was viewed. [/quote]In Chinese version, it show us these two concepts:
特别浏览量, 综合浏览量
While it gives another more explanation like this:

引用自 hint of Google Analytics 简体中文版

Well .. Google … My Google … 您认为 特别 == 唯一 么?

OK, in Traditional Chinese version, it's OK again:
Two concepts are:特定檢視 / 網頁檢視
[特定檢視] 會顯示此網頁被檢視時的造訪次數 (係由 URI 和標題的組合而定)。 [網頁檢視] 是該頁面被檢視的次數。

Google 您为什么要自作聪明地把“特别”和“唯一”划等号呢,对于不了解Google产品的用户,尤其是英文水平差的用户,很容易造成不好的印象,很容易让他们认为Google完全不懂中文的感觉。

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