Life need a restart, and more restarts ahead

It's just another post in English. These days I am just torturing myself. I have a lot of questions to ask that can not be asked or never be asked. Benson and Jingo lost their so-called girls at once. They drunk a lot. Fortunately,I did not lost anyone or anything.

But Benson asked me, why are you so depressed. In fact, it's just a non-existed story, like a dream. Some one gave you a dream, gave you a style of life, and gave you hope. But some days later, it was taken back.

Don't ask me what happend, for there is nothing happened. Life is going on. And, one thing must be sure is that there is surely someone else, who is suffering from what exactly like what happens to you! Every single second of our pathetic little life is as useless as that button, like Locke in "LOST", we are suffering when we are given our lives.

And what to do in fact, is to restart. a brand-new restart, like the server needs restarting every few weeks.

3 thoughts on “Life need a restart, and more restarts ahead

  1. why english?
    sometimes, we just feel like we can not take control of our lives,same here.
    u r angry ,u r depressed ,or maybe some unfortunate things happened to u,but what can we do?
    just relax aw,you`ll be fine.

  2. I can't understand what is that feeling,
    but I hope you get better soon!
    As someone said to me:
    What can I change? I can't change anything!
    So I have to accept~

    It seems very negative and passive,
    but if we must,
    why don't we accept with positivity and passion?

    Bless you !

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