涅磐!Fireworks – Adobe不是傻子!

Danger's blog看到这则宝贵的消息! 把那片英文原文拿过来看了下并给了翻译.

附送两篇FW视频教程 : Slicing Fireworks Navigation Bars With Frames | Understanding the Pen Tool

原文:http://www.communitymx.com/blog/index.cfm?newsid=661 by Stephanie

If you love Fireworks for web design as much as I do, you've probably been watching for the slightest clue as to the life, or death, of it since the acquisition of Macromedia. In the past week, I've seen two extremely positive signs — I'll share in case you missed them.

The first came in the form of a pdf announcement Adobe made about which products were going to be initially ported to the new Intel-based Mac platform. You guessed it, Fireworks was on the list. The second was even more direct. It was a message on the Fireworks Forum by Danielle Beaumont, the new Product Manager for Fireworks. In part, Danielle said:
第一件事,来自于Adobe发布的一个PDF文档,该文档描述了支持Intel芯的Mac OS产品列表,包含Fireworks!第二,更加直接,在Danielle Beaumont主持的FW论坛中,新的FW产品经理做了如下描述


"Fireworks continues to be an important product to the combined Macromedia/Adobe portfolio and is actively under product development for a yet-to-be announced product release. I'm incredibly excited to lead that front as the Product Manager.

我们知道,经过这些年的发展,FW已经成为与Flash,DW一样重要的工具。它的优势将会得到保留,我们将在Adobe Creative 产品线中继续继承发扬它大众热爱的那些方面。

We know that for many years Fireworks has been an integral part of your workflow with Dreamweaver and Flash. It will be our goal in the Product Development team to preserve all of the features you value in Fireworks 8 while developing a more cohesive solution with the Adobe Creative product line.

We will be relying on you in the Fireworks Design and Development community to help us shape the direction of those product enhancements by way of end user customer visits and pre-release testing."


Is that exciting or what? Confirmation that Fireworks is actually being included in the current development cycle. And that they're going to integrate it with the Adobe Creative product line. That news definitely gave me the butterflies of elation. I was really dreading the possibility of losing it since I can't even describe to you how much easier it is for me to slice and dice a Fireworks Comp compared to a Photoshop one. Happy days!

是不是很爽?FW已经投入了下一轮的发展和开发,并且加入了Adobe Creative产品线。这使我太兴奋了!我真的害怕失去它,你知道我无法想象用Photoshop来完成FW的工作是多么痛苦!

10 thoughts on “涅磐!Fireworks – Adobe不是傻子!

  1. 呵呵,好是好,但是也不一定是好事波~
    首先,Adobe Creative产品线指的应该是CS和多媒体套装吧?觉得应该并入cs






  2. FW与ps有许多不同:可以做gif动图,可以创建分图层的png……这几点ps cs3至今无法做到。不可代替啊……

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