ActionScript 3.0 VS 2.0 官方详细差别

有一些方法被彻底废除,包括一些8刚加入的函数,如 “loadBitmap”
call() chr() #endinitclip #include #initclip eval() set/getProperty() removeMovieClip() ….

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The MovieClip class inherits from the following classes: Sprite, DisplayObjectContainer, InteractiveObject, DisplayObject, and EventDispatcher. Unlike the Sprite object, a MovieClip object has a Timeline.

The MovieClip class is the base class for Flex components. However, while Macromedia supports some of the MovieClip interface for use in Flex applications, much of the interface has been overridden by Flex. For more information on using the MovieClip class with Flex, see Developing Flex Applications. The methods for the MovieClip class provide the same functionality as actions that target movie clips. There are also additional methods that do not have equivalent actions in the Actions toolbox in the Actions panel.

You can extend the methods of the MovieClip class by creating a subclass.

MC类由以下类继承而得:Sprite, DisplayObjectContainer, InteractiveObject, DisplayObject, EventDispatcher。和Sprite不同,一个MC对象拥有一个时间轴。



The Sprite class is a basic display list building block: a display list node that can display graphics and can also contain children.
A Sprite object is similar to a movie clip, but does not have a Timeline. Sprite is an appropriate base class for objects that do not require Timelines. For example, Sprite would be a logical base class for user interface (UI) components that typically do not use the Timeline.

The Sprite class is new in ActionScript 3.0. It provides an alternative to the functionality of the MovieClip class, which has retained all the functionality of previous ActionScript releases in order to provide backward compatibility.


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  1. 呵呵.枪到一次沙发啊.
    蓝色 04年8月就出FLEX教程了啊?已经一年多了啊.还不知道哪里有破解版

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